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The header image states that MCPS recycles responsibly and shows several recyclable items that are currently being used in our schools.  

Recycling Within Montgomery County Public Schools

Recycling Resources

Recycling 101   Pick-up Schedule

Recycling Flyers and Signs 

  • 3 Green Things - Classroom Commitment
  • Elements for a Successful Recycling Program
  • Centralized Recycling Stations
  • Juice Box Sign
  • Plastic Milk Bottles
  • Recycling Bins Are For Recycling
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Tap and Stack Elementary Recycling
  • Tips to Recycling Cardboard Lunch Tray
  • Waste Free Lunch

    Recycling Forms

    Recycling Dumpsters

    Recycling Regulations

  • MCPS Recycling Regulations
  • Montgomery County Government Recycling Regulations 


    Recycling-related Reports

  • Annual Recycling and Waste Reduction Report
  • MCPS Solid Waste Report 
  • Recycling Action Plan
  • Semi-Annual Collector and Hauler Report 


  • More Information About Recycling 




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