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“Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. Our students and staff take pride in our conservation efforts to ensure that the earth's natural resources are preserved for present and future generations. MCPS is recognized as a national leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship. ... 

“We teach our students the value of protecting our natural resources and being good stewards of the environment.” 

MCPS FY 2016 Environmental Sustainability Management Plan 


FY 2016 MCPS Environmental Sustainability Management Plan

FY 2014 MCPS Environmental Sustainability Management Plan 

2017 Montgomery County Office of Sustainability Annual Report


MCPS Uses and Generates Solar Energy

MCPS Goes Solar 

MCPS Spotlight: Solar Panel Initiative

MCPS Solar Photovoltatic System: Energy Production Data

Solar Energy Videos

Solar: How does it work?

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