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Stair Climbing Challenge

What is Flights to Fitness?
Flights to Fitness (F2F) is a program designed to encourage physical activity among Montgomery County Public Schools’ employees through stair climbing. The goal of the program is for participants to climb the equivalent flights of stairs in some of the tallest buildings in the world. By the end of F2F, participants will have climbed a minimum of 863 flights of stairs. 

F2F is designed to accomplish two goals:

  1. To encourage the switch from using the elevator to taking the stairs
  2. To establish an alternative exercise program to boost physical activity during the cold months

F2F is a simple way to increase physical activity. Stair climbing is accessible and convenient, and participants can climb at their own pace, at any time. Exercise does not have to be another item on your to-do list. The program can easily fit into your workday and makes it easy to add physical activity to your busy schedule. Log your activity from January 1, 2020 - March 1, 2020 into the Well Aware Fitness log for an opportunity to win a yoga mat!

Start Climbing!
To get started, begin using the stairs instead of the elevator. Click on the links below for building descriptions that include charts to help you keep track of the flights you climb. Post the first building sheet at your desk or another convenient location and check the flights of stairs as you complete them. Be sure to only count the flights that you travel up, not down. When you finish a building, start climbing the next one. When you finish the buildings provided, search for others and continue your stair-climbing experience. Not sure that you can climb the buildings alone? Recruit a climbing buddy and split the flights for a more manageable experience.

  1.  Burj Khalifa (163 flights of stairs)
  2.  Shanghai Tower (126 flights of stairs)
  3.  Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower (120 flights of stairs)
  4.  Lotte World Tower (123 flights of stairs)
  5.  Ping An Finance Center (115 flights of stairs)
  6. One World Trade Center (104 flights of stairs)
  7. CFC Finance (112 flights of stairs)