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Important School Info


  • Quince Orchard 2022-23 Student Handbook
  • MCPS Student Handbooks
    • A Student’s Guide to Rights and Responsibilities is an overview of the rights and responsibilities students enjoy in MCPS and a summary of the laws and regulations that affect students.
    • The MCPS Student Code of Conduct provides an overview of discipline procedures and protocols and the range of consequences students could face for violating various policies, regulations, and rules. The guide also discusses the MCPS philosophy to discipline and defines the various disciplinary responses.


Dress Code Policy

Students have a responsibility to be dressed for school in ways that uphold the learning environment and avoid learning disruption. Students will be counseled if their style of dress:

    • Causes a disruption to the school environment, including any school-sponsored activities
    • Endangers or potentially threatens the health and/or safety of self or others
    • Fails to meet a reasonable requirement of a course or activity
    • Is associated with gangs
    • Is or has the potential to become lewd, vulgar, obscene, see-through, or insensitive [note: undergarments may not function as outer garments]
    • Promotes the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs

As long as the student's style of dress is consistent with these guidelines, they are permitted to wear religious garments and accessories that support and/or represent cultural identity.

Staff will equitably advise all students regardless of race, gender, and/or identity, about inappropriate dress while in the school building and/or school-sponsored practices, events, and functions and inform the student’s counselor for further advice. Staff will make every effort to avoid embarrassment of students to preserve their relationship with the student and avoid any potential negative impacts to any student’s mental health and well-being.

QOHS Personal Mobile Device (PMD) Expectations

Students using a personal mobile device to access the Internet while attending an MCPS-sponsored activity must follow the MCPS Responsible Use Guidelines.

School Level - Students may use their Personal Mobile Device (PMD):

    1. Before or after the student day.
    2. During lunch.
    3. Use between classes and transitional time.
    4. Riding to or from school or school-sponsored activities on MCPS or chartered buses students may use personal mobile devices as long as use does not impact the safe operation of the bus and complies with MCPS regulations.

Note: If a student uses a PMD to access the Internet on MCPS property, but is not on the MCPS network, the student remains obligated to comply with the requirements of this regulation. MCPS monitors and reserves the right to investigate all PMDs and PMD activity on the MCPS network.

Classroom Level - Students may use their PMD if:

    1. Teachers allow the use of PMDs for instructional purposes.
    2. Teachers include PMD use in their classroom agreements. Teachers will create and post PMD agreements and consequences with their students in a collaborative and restorative manner.

Lunch Process and Norms

Students and staff will collaborate on norms for support during lunch in classrooms. Lunch and Learn is a best practice and will be a collaborative process with teachers and students. Students must have permission from the teacher to eat in a classroom. Students will have the opportunity to eat outside in the following areas:

  • Two tennis courts closest to the building
  • Basketball courts
  • In the front of main entrance

Students will have the opportunity to eat their lunch in the cafeteria and in the hallways on one side of the hall. Students are expected to showcase Cougar Pride at all times by cleaning up their area after they finish eating and place their trash in trash cans.

Additionally, QO is one of many schools in Montgomery County that have some form of open lunch. Students in 11th and 12th grade may leave school grounds during lunch provided they adhere to our QO lunch norms which include showing their school issued ID to leave campus. This is a change from the 2021-2022 school year and will not begin until the second week of school.

Our purpose is to inform and explain these norms so open lunch will be a positive and safe experience for everyone: students, staff, parents, merchants, and the community. Always remember, open lunch is a privilege, not a right. It will be taken away from students who do not adhere to norms or showcase Cougar Pride. Students who have been assigned lunch detention are to remain on campus. Parents or Guardians may rescind their child’s open lunch privilege. However, remaining on campus is the responsibility of the student just as attending class is the responsibility of the student. If the student is found off campus, parents will be notified and consequences will be applied.

11th and 12th grade students leaving the QO campus during open lunch are expected to:

  • Always showcase Cougar Pride and know that they represent QO in all settings
  • Leave school grounds in a safe way utilizing the crosswalks. Safety is a priority and we can't control traffic but the crosswalks are there to support a safe transition.
  • Show their student ID when leaving campus.
  • Return to school prior to the start of 6th period (or at the end of the lunch block when schedules are changed) and must be in their next class on time
  • Remain away from cars and do not enter cars. (Students cannot drive off campus)

We have a number of supports available for students during lunch, these are just a few examples:

  • Student Support – Academic help is available from teachers, parents, business partners or members of the many different Honor Societies.
  • Teacher Support- As discussed and coordinated with teachers.
  • College and Career Center – Take advantage of the many resources available: college catalogs, career information, computer search programs for college admission and financial aid, etc.
  • Counseling Services – All counselors are on duty throughout the lunch period and are available without an appointment on a first come, first-served basis.
  • Clubs and Organizations – Many clubs and organizations meet during lunch. Pay attention to announcements for meeting times and room locations.
  • College Seminars – Often there are presentations from colleges during lunch.
  • Media Center – Open during lunch unless otherwise noted