Fine & Practical Arts Mission


The mission of the QOHS Visual Arts department is to develop a collegial environment, both in the department and the classroom, which embraces unique and creative thinking. Students will be given the appropriate tools and held to high expectations in order to develop into advanced art students with impressive portfolios.

Computer Science

It is the mission of the Computer Science department to provide an environment which fosters an appreciation and understanding of technology. We will utilize a variety of instructional methods to supply the opportunity for our students to become technologically literate, logical thinkers, and problem solvers.


The mission of the CWE/OJT department is to provide students with a learning environment where they can develop job skills, career planning, explore job site issues through school, and become involved in the community.

The mission of the Entrepreneurship class is to give students an opportunity to explore what it is like to be an entrepreneur, and how to create a successful business venture.

Family and Consumer Sciences

The mission of the Quince Orchard High School Family and Consumer Sciences Department is to provide learning experiences that prepare students for participation in families and in communities, in education and in work. Among the many goals established by individual programs are promoting a positive self-image, developing personal and career skills, exploring career options, enhancing communication skills such as conflict resolution, and acquiring related "real life" skills such as budgeting and financial literacy


The QOHS Music Department will work together to provide its students with a quality music education experience. The staff will work to pursue this through effectively communicating and working together in an environment of mutual respect.

Technology Education

The Technology Education Department will provide students with a foundation for technological literacy by the practical application of math and science as it relates to the development of technological systems and increasing their knowledge of the techno-world that surrounds them.

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