People Around the World

The Quince Orchard ESOL Department is proud to bring you this bimonthly faculty newsletter!

The purposes of this faculty newsletter are the following:

  • bulletto maintain a means of sharing information and ideas with faculty about the backgrounds and issues of the various multicultural, religious and other minority populations in our school
  • bulletto share this information with students
  • bulletto increase awareness and sensitivity for ESOL students and other minority populations at Quince Orchard High School

 newVolume 4, Issue 3:  April-May 2010

Old Customs - New Beginnings: Nowruz (How Persian people celebrate the New Year!!)

 Volume 4, Issue 2:  February 2010

Dear Mr. President (Students share their concerns with President Barak Obama)

Volume 4, Issue 1: October 2009

New Beginnings: Immgrant Students Experience Reunification

Volume 3, Issue 3: May 2009

Gender Biases & Stereotypes @ QO

Volume 3, Issue 2: February 2009

Meet the METS Students

Volume 3, Issue 1: October 2008

What Makes Us Special (Comments & Facts about Special Education)

Volume 2, Issue 3: April 2008

Remarkable Women In History (in honor of Women's History Month)

Volume 2, Issue 2: January 2008

Religious Diversity at QO: An Islamic Perspective

Volume 2, Issue 1: October 2007

Latino Pride? Oh Yeah! (in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month) 

Volume 1, Issue 4: May 2007

Asian Culture Blossoms at QO (in honor of Asian Heritage Month)

Volume 1, Issue 3: February-March 2007

African Diaspora-American History (in honor of Black History Month)

Volume 1, Issue 2: December 2006

Under the Skin: Stereotypes That Hurt

Volume 1, Issue 1: September-October 2006

Students & Staff Compare Notes (in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month)