Women In Engineering

There are some incredible opportunities for Women in Computer Science and Engineering.  We will be updating information about upcoming events, scholarships, and more on this page and we encourage any young women who want to get involved to contact an officer or Mrs. Adams about joining the Women in Engineering club.

Club Officers:
Megan Mychajliw and Hannah Ropelewski


Science Ambassadors Scholarship - full ride opportunities - http://www.scienceambassadorscholarship.org/, deadline is 12/11/16


Women in Technology (WIT) STEM Mentoring Program - WIT is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our 2016-2017 STEM mentoring program for high-school girls.  Our program, offered by our Girls in Technology subcommittee, provides high-school girls with an opportunity to meet and be mentored by women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related fields. There is no charge for this professionally-developed and fully-funded program, rich with opportunities for high school girls. We are currently enrolling protégés for our Maryland location - see the program flyer. The program is comprised of five evening sessions where girls hear from professional women, learn about their careers and then participate in a group mentoring session. We believe it is important for girls to see and talk with successful women in STEM-related fields to understand what kinds of opportunities they may have and help increase their self-confidence in pursuing these careers that are underrepresented by women. Our protégé orientation session will be held on October 18th and for the next few weeks we are accepting applications for our Rockville program, hosted by Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County (Shady Grove).


Technica, the University of Maryland's Annual All-Women Hackathon A hackathon is a creative and collaborative event where students gather to grow their coding skills, explore different aspects of the technological world, and collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today. Technica’s goal is to introduce and support young women in technology in order to tackle this problem of diversity in tech. This year, Technica will be taking place on November 5-6 on the University of Maryland campus.

A bit more info: Technica is open to women and non-binary folks of all levels of technical background, so whether a student is an expert hacker or has never written a line of code, they will spend an incredible weekend at our event. Additionally, we provide free lodging, food, swag and mentorship for the whole duration. This year, the week leading up to the hackathon will also be filled with tech workshops and info sessions held at the University of Maryland to prepare attendees with skills to build something new or solve difficult problems. 

Registration for Technica is currently open and the application can be found on our website. Additionally, students can stay in the loop (pun intended!) by liking Technica on Facebook or following us on Twitter. If you have any questions, please reach to the Technica team via email at hello@gotechnica.org, or through our Facebook and Twitter.

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