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Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit photographs or sexual text messages electronically which are primarily transmitted between cell phones.

Teens are increasingly engaging in sexting without adequately understanding its consequences. The taking and/or sending of sexually explicit photographs electronically can be considered a crime.

There have been many articles in the news about the dire consequences of teens sexting each other including suicides and criminal charges.

In addition to taking and posting these photos, an alarming number of teens, 39%, say they’ve sent sexually suggestive text messages. This, in spite of the fact that 73% "said they knew sending sexually suggestive content can have serious negative consequences."

Technically speaking, activity related to taking provocative photos can be considered to be the manufacturing and distribution of child pornography if it contains sexual conduct or is intended for the purpose of sexual arousal. While the teens taking these pictures of themselves may only intend for it to be seen by their friend, it is often distributed to others with unintended consequences.