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Bruno Smith

Building Service Manager III
Mill Creek Towne Elementary School

Supporting Services Employee of the Year Finalist 

Bruno Smith is building service manager III at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School. He has worked for MCPS for seven years.

Capable, considerate and trustworthy, Smith takes pride in his work, responds quickly to jobs that need to be handled and takes on the stresses of his job with a smile. He deals with issues calmly and professionally. He understands that his work is critical to students—by keeping the school clean, well-stocked and damage-free, he ensures that they can focus on their studies.

He has a superhero-like ability to make a positive impact on students—regularly checking in with those who have difficult days, sometimes walking with them to calm down, sitting down to have lunch with them or creating art with them. He follows up with teachers about student behaviors he notices. He supports students’ social and emotional health and wellness every day.

He’s a leader in the cafeteria with guidance to students to follow rules, clean up, behave and keep the noise down. He has inspired students to take pride in the school grounds and they volunteer to pick up trash they find on the field during recess. Many students return to the school to earn Student Service Learning hours beautifying the school exterior with Smith.

Smith is very artistic. To raise school spirit, he designed what has become the favorite logo for the Mill Creek Towne Dragons—a dragon tail. On Fridays at school, you will find much of the staff wearing his design.

His exemplary work ethic, kindness and dedication are invaluable and irreplaceable to the team at Mill Creek Towne.