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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

How do I make or update a web page?

You will need three things:

  1. A webmaster account
    Your principal or administrator must submit a Webmaster Account Request form. See: How to become a Webmaster 
  2. Software on your computer
    If your school site is not in Tron, you will need an HTML editor to create or edit web pages and a FTP program to transfer your files to the web server. See: Webmaster Software 
  3. The ability to use the software
    Sign up for webmaster training offered. See Webmaster Training 
Why does my principal/administrator have to request my webmaster account? Principals and administrators need to authorize web site access because the content of school and office web pages is ultimately their responsibility. See the, "Requirements for All Sites," section of the Web Regulation FAQ  How do I add another webmaster? Your principal or administrator must submit a Webmaster Account Request form for each webmaster. See: How to become a Webmaster  How many webmasters can my school have?

Keep the group small enough for the primary webmaster to manage and communicate with. Three webmasters may be enough, but some larger high schools find that it’s better to subdivide site responsibilities, so they need a few more people on the team.

Note: You may find that it’s easier to manage your site if only a few people have permission to update the site itself, with a larger group supplying the content.

Can parents be webmasters? How about other people who are not MCPS staff?

Yes. Schools in particular may rely on volunteer parents to keep web sites up to date. The primary webmaster must be a member of the MCPS staff. Parent volunteers often lose interest when their child leaves the school.

Parent and other non-staff accounts are requested in the same way as staff accounts. See: How to become a Webmaster 

How do I get the tools I need? See Webmaster Software to learn how to acquire software such as Dreamweaver, Acrobat, etc. How do I sign up for training? See How to Register for Webmaster Training  What about the content of web pages? What's OK to put on my site? See the "About Content," section of the  Web Regulation FAQ