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How to Become a Webmaster

Step1 : Get a Webmaster Account

You need a Webmaster account to receive access to update an MCPS web site.

Who can request a webmaster account?

Only a principal or administrator (A&S level supervisor) can request accounts for their school or office. Since the principal or supervisor is ultimately responsible for the content of the school or office site, they must have knowledge of those persons having access to update their sites.

How to request a webmaster account

  • If you are a school webmaster, the school's principal must email Web Services at with the following information:
    • School name
    • Employee's name
    • Employee's email address
  • If you are an office webmaster, the office administrator must email Web Services at with the following information:
    • Office name
    • URL/Link for the web pages to which you need access (Example: for Web Services, you would include
    • Employee's name
    • Employee's email address
  • Look for an e-mail from with the subject line, "Your MCPS Webmaster Account"

Step 2: Know Your Role & Responsibilities

You will receive a username and password as well as a document defining your role and responsibilities as a webmaster (someone with access to the web server). Become familiar with this document and guidelines & policies that guide computer use and web publishing.

Step 3: Get Training & Begin Teaching Yourself

Sign up for training and try some free HTML tutorials.

Step 5: Hone Your Expertise & Your Site

Web Services offers support and tools to help you and your site improve:

  • Site Utilities: allow you to perform analysis and your visitors to interact with your site. For example, webmasters can add our Feedback Form to their sites to make it easy for visitors to send e-mail comments.