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Regulation of MCPS Web

On September 11, 2006, the superintendent approved new Regulation KBA-RB, Educational Purposes and Administration of the MCPS Web, providing a framework for the structure and content of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Web.

Read the Regulation

Regulation KBA-RB, Educational Purposes and Administration of the MCPS Web (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ provides a basic background to the new web regulation. If your question is not addressed here, please contact Web Services at

Frequently Asked Questions: Topics

Requirements for All Sites

Who may have a web site?

Every school and office should be represented on a MCPS managed site with contact information. Staff may create a web site upon the approval of their administrator. Students may create web sites under the direction of an MCPS staffer.

Who is responsible for the web site?

The school principal or office/department/division/unit administrator is the “site manager” who is ultimately responsible for all content on the school or office web site. The school or office “webmaster” is usually responsible for the actual creation and maintenance of the web site. It is also helpful to enlist a school or office colleague with strong understanding of the content, message, and audience to act as the “content manager,” reviewing content for accuracy and appropriateness for the webmaster.

Where should web content and sites be published?

All content on the MCPS Web should be hosted on MCPS-managed systems.

What do I do if my site or content is not on an MCPS server?

Contact Web Services so we can help transition your site to the appropriate server.

What do I do if I want to redesign my web site?

Web Services would be happy to redesign your site for you, given enough notice. Your new site could also be placed into our new web publishing system, which makes site updating easier and faster.

How often should my web site be updated?

All MCPS web sites should be reviewed and updated at least annually to ensure that content is accurate and up to date.

What domain name should I use for my web site?

All MCPS web addresses referenced in print and elsewhere should use this root domain:


Can I buy a domain name for my school or office web site?

Yes, BUT only if the domain redirects to the site that is hosted on MCPS servers. MCPS sites, school and office, must be hosted by MCPS and within MCPS templates to provide and consistent experience for the web audience. If you wish to purchase a domain under these guidelines,

  • Contact Web Services for assistance
  • Use only a .org or .net domain. Only commercial entities use the .com domain
  • Use a forwarding service to point the domain name to your school or office domain. Your new domain is for marketing purposes and does not replace the MCPS domain

What if I already have a .com domain?

Contact Web Services for assistance migrating to a .org or .net.