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MCPS Web Services Newsletter

Greetings Webmasters

Welcome back! So far, we have migrated 163 schools to Episerver and another 15 are underway. Only 30 more to go and then all schools will be in Episerver.

With virtual learning underway, it's probably more important than ever for you to keep your websites updated with the latest schedules and resources. Read on for helpful tips and important information about Episerver.

Web Services Announcements


Temporary Glitch with Event Display on Calendars

Episerver applied a software update on Friday, September 4, which affected the display of events on some schools' calendar pages. The events still appear on the homepage below Upcoming Events. We are working with Episerver on resolving this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to add calendar events as usual and when the issue is resolved they will appear on your calendar pages again.

Web Services Web Tips

school information box

The School Information Box, Explained

On the top-left corner of your school's homepage, you have probably noticed a box titled, "School Information." It includes some important information about your school. As many of you have noticed, you can't edit it through Episerver. To make things easier on webmasters, Web Services created an application to pull this information from the staff directory so it only needs to be updated in one place.

How to Update It

The content at the top, like the address, phone number, and principal's name are updated through the staff directory. That means your school's staff directory manager is responsible for keeping this information up-to-date. Specifically, this content is found on the 'edit school' tab in the Directory Publisher. More on the Staff Directory

Below the principal's name is an editable content area where you, as webmaster, can add whatever content you would like. Many webmasters add a vice principal's name or school hours here.

Bus Routes

The Bus Route pdf linked from the school information box is posted to the website directly by the Department of Transportation.

Other Important Information

Web Services also uses the school information box to push out other important updates to your school's website as needed. For example, this month we were asked to include a link to the Live Virtual Absence Form for each school.

epi page

How Episerver is Different from Tron

There are, of course, numerous ways in which Episerver differs from Tron. After all, it's a different content management system (CMS). But we want to highlight a few major differences here for webmasters who are used to Tron:

News Block

In Episerver, news items are updated as 'pages' under the news-index page. You will see the news-index page in your school's file structure in the navigation pane. How to Update News Items

Drag & Drop

While everything stayed in a fixed place in Tron, you can drag and drop content blocks in Episerver to reposition them.

Folders vs. Pages

In Episerver, everything is created as a page — news items, calendar items, and folders are all page types. If you want to create a folder in Episerver, just create a 'school general page'.

See More Episerver Help Guides



Training Resources

Intro. to Episerver classes and webmaster work sessions are now being held on Zoom. Over the summer, our Instructional Specialists held two Intro. to Episerver courses on Zoom. The classes were successful and we posted a recording from one of them as a webinar on our Training page. Check our training schedule frequently as more Intro. classes will be added this fall.

In lieu of in-person webmaster work sessions, we are offering 20-minute zoom meetings with webmasters this fall. You can sign up for a time slot on October 14 or November 18. If there is a lot of interest, we will add more dates. The work sessions are an opportunity for webmasters who have already taking an Intro. class to get answers to specific questions.

Web Services Announcements


Episerver Evaluation Survey

Please take this survey to let us know what you think of Episerver so far!