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Achievement Series Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Must students write their answers in the grid-in boxes before bubbling in the answer? (math only) 

Students do not need to print their SPR (grid-in) answers in the boxes provided. However, doing so may help them bubble correctly and avoid mistakes.


2.  Will we check for errors on the scan sheets? 

Teachers should remind students to check their answer sheets before handing in their tests. Student responses will be scored by the scanner.


3.  Can teachers fix errors in students grid-in answers? (math only) 

No, teachers must scan the students grid-in answers without altering them.


4.  Can we save paper and copy only a few tests and one BCR/ECR sheet per student? 

No, each student should receive a complete test and be able to write on the test.


5.  How can we give immediate feedback to students? 

Once scanned, the weighted results are immediately available at Each evening the results are transferred to reports in myMCPS.


6.  Do students have to use pencils for the scan sheet? 

It is strongly recommended that students use #2 pencils to complete the answer sheet. The scanner will read marks from pens. However, students will not be able to erase and correct answers without pencils. Only one answer sheet per student will be printed.


7.  Under what conditions can teachers go over the assessments with students? 

Teachers may return tests to review the problems in class. Tests and answer sheets must be returned at the end of class. Test materials may not be sent home with the students.