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Helpful Hints


Problem: You can hear callers, but they cannot hear you.

Check mute button. If it is lit (red), press the button to turn off light.

Check handset cord . Is it frayed, seated tightly? It may need to be replaced.

Problem: General Confusion, phones ringing at different stations, but not ringing in office

(This generally happens at night or on weekends) Check for night service . Find Station #10 or 11 (or #110 or#111). The ITCM light will be on. LEAVE PHONE OFF HOOK, Press the ITCM button and then the # sign button. The light will go off and service should be back to its original locations. To activate ‘night service', just go to the station named above and do the same thing.

Problem: HOLD light flashing

Another phone station has activated your message waiting (hold) light. Press the ITCM button , and then press HOLD ; this will dial the party who originally activated your light. Once you have received a message from the party who activated the light, that person, while still talking to you, should press the ITCM button to turn off the light.

Problem: Fax machine is working but other office phones are dead

Have the BSM check the circuit breakers or the phone switch in the wire closet to see if any of them are turned off. Reset to the 'active' or 'on' position.

Problem: Pay phone is not working

The schools contract for pay phones individually. There is a toll free repair number on the pay phone. Schools should call that number to schedule repairs.

Problem: Can barely hear caller

Check the phone for a volume control. Adjust accordingly. Check the handset cord to see if it is properly seated or for frayed cord. Check to see if the phone has a ‘de-tangler'. This device sometimes goes bad. It is not issued by MCPS.

Problem: Phone does not ring

Check that the ringer is on, or that the ringer is turned up. On LCD phones check to see if the music background is active, LCD says “MUSIC”(even if this feature does not work on your phone), and “CLR” it.

Problem: Main line has too much static

Check to see if any of the cords are frayed or loose. Until we can send a technician on site, dial the weather number and “busy” out the line so that the calls go to another line. Weather number is 301-936-1212.

Problem: No dial tone

Check to see if the phone is plugged into the correct jack. Sometimes phones are moved because of cleaning or waxing and they are not placed exactly back to their original location. Sometimes phone cords are plugged into computer data jacks. If you have the option to plug in another phone, and it works, then the actual phone is defective and needs to be repaired/replaced. If another phone does not work, it may be the line and TSU will have to issue a repair ticket to Verizon.