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Department of Infrastructure and Operations
45 W. Gude Dr., Room 3314
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 240-453-2446
Fax: 301-279-3771

Telecommunications Support

How to Request Support

Requests may be submitted to Telecommunications Services for the following services: 

  • Installations
  • New Telecommunications Additions
  • Replacements
  • Changes
  • Repairs

You may request support 

Requests should contain the following information for us to schedule the work:  

  • Authorization (signature) from school administrator/principal (see MCPS EGD-RA)
  • Name of school, site or office
  • School floor plan showing the exact location in a room or area. It can be a school diagram or a freehand drawing of the room or area. Please identify a door and a wall (to give orientation).


  • Provide the staff member name(s) and job title(s)
  • Provide a rationale for the request. For example, Mrs. Jones, a guidance counselor, needs long distance on her line because this year's 6 th graders have more parents working out of the local dialing area. She estimates that she makes 10 calls a day.
  • State the date by which the work should be completed. TSU usually completes work in 4-6 weeks.
  • TSU will notify you of the receipt of your request, if data is missing, and when it can be scheduled.
  • TSU will notify you if the work cannot be completed. This may happen because of outside vendor delays in providing dial tone or equipment, or the request is not within TSU's scope of work.
  • If TSU schedules the work, there is no direct cost to the school.
  • Provided capacity exists, schools may purchase additional/ancillary phones or equipment through a journal voucher.
  • Once the work is completed, a site representative will be requested to sign for the services provided.

Examples of Telecommunication Services Work:

  • Phone(s): Adding to a line (multiline or single line phones): capacity and rationale.
  • Line(s): Providing for a new position or staff member. Specialized need and rationale must be provided.
  • Fax: Installing fax machine telephone line. TSU provides line access. TSU does not directly service the fax machine/hardware.
  • Computer Drops: Installing additional computer drops. TSU usually installs 1-3 drops; more than 4 are done by an outside contractor.
  • Elevator Emergency Phone: Installing line service: maintained by TSU.
  • Modem Connection: Same as line. Has to be approved by OGAT. TSU doe not supply modem.
  • Hallway phone: Installed and maintained by TSU in elementary schools; Verizon, secondary schools
  • Cellular Phones: Maintained by TSU in emergency kits and relocatable classrooms; Nextel: OGAT
  • Cordless Phones: Installed and maintained in computer labs and media centers by TSU

Work associated with Telecommunication Services, but handled by other units:

  • Wiring in Asbestos areas: Handled By Mr. Nathaniel Brown, Asbestos Abatement Team
  • Security Systems: Handled by theDivision of Security and School Safety
  • PA Systems and PA Telephones: Handled by electronics shop, Division of Maintenance
  • Electrical Outlets: Handled by Division of Maintenance, or outside contractor
  • CCTV: Handled by the Division of Security and School Safety
  • ICB lines: Handled by the Division of Security and School Safety
  • Fire Alarms: Handled by Division of Security and School Safety
  • Pay Phones:Handled by Verizon:
    • Call the number listed on the pay phone for repair
  • WAN/LAN Networks: Handled by Tom Gallo, Division of Field Operations
  • Network Access Problems: Handled by call to Help Desk and assignment of work orders
  • Walkie Talkies (Radio Frequency Communicators)Handled by Division of Maintenance