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Student and Family Support and Engagement

Substance Use Prevention and Resiliency Education

Where Next Steps Exceed Missteps


Substance Use Prevention and Resiliency Education (SUPRE) is a screening and psychoeducational substance-use program. It is designed to address:

High school students who have committed their first substance use disciplinary incident on school property

The essentials of Be Well 365, especially Mental and Emotional Health, Physical Health and Wellness, and Restorative Justice


Core Competencies

refusal skill building
Refusal Skill Building
increased self-esteem
Increased Self-Esteem
parent-child communication
Parent-Child Communication
decision making skills
Decision Making Skills
increased awareness of the dangers of substance use
Increased Awareness of the Dangers of Substance Use

Vision | Mission | Goal

Vision: Our vision is to have students and families that are informed about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, encouraging low-risk behaviors and to have significantly higher numbers of healthy, drug-free young people in our community.

Mission: The mission of SUPRE is to increase student and parent awareness of the potential consequences of substance use, as well as develop refusal skills and mindfulness through a targeted and participatory educational course.

Goal: Upon completion of the program, the goal is not for a student to be asked "What are you going to do to not put us in this situation again?" but "How can we support you in order to not be in this situation again?"

About SUPRE:
  • SUPRE consists of four, two-hour sessions which will be held outside of regular business hours to accommodate families’ schedules. Because many of the activities are related to parent/guardian-child interactions or increasing parent/guardian awareness, a parent/guardian must accompany the student to all sessions.
  • Through a series of activities related to the core competencies and other activities related to educational information on alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use, the SUPRE curriculum works to increase awareness of the dangers posed by ongoing use of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.
  • During 2020–2021, the SUPRE classes will be held at the Carver Educational Services Center or if needed, a virtual platform will be available on Zoom.
  • SUPRE is a long-term, follow-along assessment and counseling program. Families may engage in ongoing assessments for up to 180 days after completing the SUPRE class.
Referral Process
  • Students should be referred by the school administrator responsible for handling the behavioral consequences for the substance use disciplinary incident. The SUPRE team will collaborate with families and school administrators to determine if a student is a good candidate for the program. Parents/guardians who have knowledge of their child's drug involvement can also refer their child to the program.
  • All first time referrals will be given the opportunity to attend the course and to have the incident removed from their record. Should a student choose not to attend, the referring school will proceed with the appropriate guidelines in the MCPS Student Code of Conduct.
  • All students should complete SUPRE within two months of the disciplinary incident.
  • If there are additional aspects of the student’s substance use that predicate a deeper level of support, the family will be referred to the Recovery and Academic Program (RAP).