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Environmental Sustainability


Fall Sustainability Symposium

Did you know trash powers your house? The representatives from Covanta will be presenting on how the trash that is collected from Montgomery County is transported by rail to a waste to energy plant within the county and the process that takes place to generate energy.

Date:  Dec 7, 2023

Time:  6:00 to 7:00 pm 

Virtual meeting 

Stay tuned for registration details.

Student Environmental Volunteer Day

The Student Environmental Volunteer Day was a huge success!

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), offered a Student Environment Volunteer Day on Wednesday, Nov. 1 as an Out-School-Time (OST) opportunity for students. Over 150 high school students gathered at Gaithersburg High School to learn about sustainability and help to beautify the school campus. They worked to enhance the health of the environment by planting native plants and trees in the stormwater management gardens around the school.  

The event coordinated by the MCPS Office of Facilities Management, the Division of Sustainability and Compliance, in support of Montgomery County Board of Education’s Policy ECA, Sustainability, which includes the adoption of “measures to address resiliency and awareness, such as increasing the tree canopy and outdoor educational spaces on MCPS properties and mitigating stormwater runoff.” 

The native plants for this project were produced from seeds collected in Montgomery County and grown by the Park’s Native Plant Program housed at Pope Farm Production Facility. Pepco supported the event as part of its commitment to advancing a cleaner and safer environment and empowering local youth through increased access to active, fun and engaging STEAM educational opportunities.