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Maryland Transition ContinuumTransition services are a student centered planning process designed to meet students' educational, employment and independent living outcomes. These outcomes may include:

  • Post-secondary education
  • Job training
  • Employment (supported)
  • Continuing and Adult education
  • Adult services
  • Independent living
  • Community participation

A student's transition plan becomes a part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process beginning at age 14 or younger, if appropriate. Transition planning is a process that should include the following:

  • Identifying the student's post-high school goals
  • Assessing the student's interests and abilities in relation to identified goals
  • Determining courses, experiences, and programs that will prepare the student to reach his/her goals
  • Supporting the student in transition-related activities
  • Determining the student's anticipated adult service needs
  • Linking the student and parent with potential adult services

Students receive an array of services to help them attain their identified post-secondary outcomes and to prepare them to be college, career and community ready. These services may include, but are not limited to; career education, career exploration, social skills and self-advocacy instruction, career technology education, in-school and community work-based learning experiences, independent living skills instruction, and linkage to community agencies.

Secondary Transition Planning Guide

Secondary Transition Planning Guide (Spanish)