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Hi, I’m Sneha.  I am in the 12th grade and attend Paint Branch High School.  I'm in the Academy of Science and Media.

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 Video 1 - Thoughts about high school choice...
 Video 2 - Making friends...
 Video 3 - Best part of my program...
 Video 4 - My future plans...

About Me

  • I plan to go to college to study journalism and neuroscience.
  • I want to be a neurologist and travel a lot.
  • I also plan to someday join the Peace Corps.


  • Dance
  • Tennis


My parents have really helped me realize and reach my potential. They have spent a lot of time and effort helping me do well in and out of school.

Here’s the high school scoop

  • Choose your school based on your interests, not your friends.
  • Try and make the most of your high school experience.
  • Your teachers will really encourage you to do well!

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