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Hey, I’m Biruk, and am in the 11th grade at Blair High School. My academic interests are in science, math, and computer science here at Blair. 

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 Video 1 - Most interesting project...
 Video 2 - Preparation for Magnet classes...
 Video 3 - Making friends...
 Video 4 - High School choices...

About Me

  • I plan on attending a university and medical school.
  • My career goals include either being a medical doctor or a biochemist.
  • I am highly interested in nature and biology.


  • Cross county
  • Guitar
  • Volunteering


My parents are always pushing me to succeed.

Here’s the high school scoop

  • Do your best no matter how hard high school becomes.
  • Perseverance is required.
  • Get a good foundation in math and science.

(Information paraphrased for space purposes)