P-card Holders

For questions about your P-card, please e-mail us at: pcard@mcpsmd.org, or contact the Procurement Unit at 301-279-3555.

MCPS Purchasing Card

The MCPS Purchasing Card ("P-card") Program streamlines the process of buying items that are not on a bid list and cost $250 or less. Each card has a separate account that goes to the school or location using the card.

Purchasing Card (P-card) Training: Purchasing card users are required to complete a training and sign the "Purchasing Card Agreement". Training consists of an online module, an in-person activation of the card, and assistance with the set-up of your account at the Procurement Office located at 45 W. Gude Road.

Occasional additional training may be required to meet regulations.

For more information or to sign up for P-Card training, please contact Kimberly Houser at Kimberly_M_Houser@mcpsmd.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to the J.P. Morgan Payment Net web site ?
    You must use Explorer for your browser to access the site. Open Explorer, and go to https://www.paymentnet.jpmorgan.com 
  • Where is the MCPS tax-exempt number located on the Purchasing Card?
    In the lower left-hand corner.
  • How do I know what my transaction limit is?
    • Shown in PaymentNet
    • Shown on the approving official’s monthly report
    • Contact the Procurement Unit
  • Who determines the per-month limit?
    The approving official in collaboration with the program administrator
  • How can I tell which of my cards to use with each account?
    The number listed after your name identifies the account.
  • What types of transactions CANNOT be made with the Purchasing Card?
    Travel, furniture, entertainment, food at restaurants, cash access, gasoline, split transactions, and gift cards.
  • Can other individuals use my card?
    No. The cardholder can call a vendor to place the order. Another staff member can pick up the order after showing the vendor appropriate MCPS ID.
  • Can I use the same card for every school account; i.e., 02, 03, SpEd, 05?
    No. You will receive a separate card for each account.
  • Should I pay MasterCard when I receive my monthly statement?
    No. This is your summary of your monthly card activity. Money will automatically be deducted from your accounts. You will receive an invoice from the Controller’s Office for your 05 account.
  • What steps should I take with a disputed charge?
    First, contact supplier to try to resolve the issue.
    Second, if no resolution, contact MasterCard, 1-800-270-7760, and have the transaction placed in dispute.
  • Should returned goods be handled as a separate transaction?
    Yes. Items should be returned (not exchanged) and new orders placed.
  • What are the steps to be taken with lost or stolen cards?
    • First, contact MasterCard at 1-800-270-7760
    • Second, contact the Procurement Unit at 301-279-3555 or pcard@mcpsmd.org
  • How do I cancel or make changes to an existing MasterCard account?
    Complete and submit the File Maintenance Worksheet, MCPS Form 234-20, which is available as a PDF form.
  • How do I request cards for new staff members or additional accounts for already enrolled staff?
    Complete and submit the Approving Official Acknowledgement form, MCPS Form 234-22, which is available as a PDF form.
  • What if I mistakenly make a personal purchase on my MCPS Purchasing Card?
    Have the merchant (vendor) credit the MCPS Purchasing Card.
  • What do I do if sales tax has been charged to the purchasing card?
    Contact the vendor to request a credit.
  • What if the original documentation is missing or incomplete?
    Contact the vendor to obtain a duplicate copy.
  • What are the consequences if a cardholder continuously fails to comply with the purchasing card policies?
    The approving official can revoke or suspend the purchasing privileges of the cardholder.
  • Can I use the purchasing card for grants?
    Not at this time; but grants in the 05 are acceptable.
  • Where can I locate the Purchasing Card forms?
    • On the MCPS Forms website and the Procurement Unit website, https://ww2.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/forms/pdf/234-22.pdf
    • Contact pcard@mcpsmd.org
  • Does the card go with me if I transfer to another MCPS location?
    No. Your card is attached to the specific account (s) at your school.
  • Is my personal credit affected if the card is lost or stolen?
    No. The card is the property of MCPS.
  • If personal information such as my social security number or marital status is asked about by the Pcard vendor, should I answer?
    Yes. You should only be asked for the last 4 digits of your social security number. 
  • While in PaymentNet, am I able to approve or review all outstanding transactions at one time by selecting items across multiple pages?
    No, you must select and review items one page at a time.  Selecting items on more than one page will deselect items on all pages other than the one currently being viewed.  This is also true when using the Mass Update function. 
  • Why am I required to request an access code to register my computer, if I’m using the same computer that I have registered in the past?
    For security purposes, your user ID must be registered to each computer you use when logging in, or you must enter an access code. This helps prevent access by unauthorized users. Other events may require you to re-register a previously registered computer, including:
    • Using a different Internet browser.
    • Clearing the browser cookies, cache, or temporary files.
    • Software or hardware profile changes. 
  • How do I ensure that orders placed on Amazon.com are not charged sales tax?
    Amazon.com is now authorized to collect Maryland sales tax on all orders with a Maryland bill to address. In order to maintain our tax exempt status, all users with an Amazon account will be required to upload the MCPS tax exempt certification onto their Amazon account. You can access directions at http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeld=201133370. Please allow 24 hours for Amazon to activate your tax exempt status.  You will be notified via e-mail when your status has been accepted.

    This change affects orders from the Amazon parent company. Orders fulfilled through the Amazon.com Marketplace may or may not have sales tax collected. If an Amazon Marketplace vendor charges sales tax on an order, it will be the cardholder’s responsibility to contact the company and inform them of our tax exempt status and the sales tax refunded.

    If you have been using a personal login and utilizing your procurement card, you will need to create a new account with Amazon utilizing your work e-mail address. Please discontinue using your personal Amazon account for MCPS purchases. Use of tax exempt charges for personal purchases is illegal and action will be taken. Please e-mail Pcard@mcpsmd.org for a copy of the tax exemption certificate. 
  • Am I required to update my J. P. Morgan PaymentNet password?
    Yes, passwords must be changed every 90 days.