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The following contract summary information is here to help you find the products you need from the companies currently under contract with MCPS.

Formerly known as "bids," these contracts have been put in place to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices from reputable companies.

The contract summaries listed below are updated frequently, although may not have the most up to date data (pricing, item descriptions, etc.). You should always check FMS for the most up to date pricing as this can change on a daily basis and it is not immediately reflected on the contract summary.

If you have any questions, please contact the buyer directly associated with the contract for assistance or email For help navigating Excel files, see our quick tutorial, Working with Excel Files.

Finding the products you need is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Find the summary from the Contract Summary Descriptions listed below.
  2. Go to the HUB and select the source or store shown next to type of item (or follow other special instructions).
  3. Use the 'Search Term:' to find the items you need!

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Top Requested Specialty Catalogs


 BSN Sports & US Games (PE supplies & equipment)

 Childcraft Early Childhood Catalog

Main Store

Main Store

 Fisher Science Catalog (Science equipment) UPDATE COMING! Main Store
 Lakeshore Learning (Early Childhood)   Main Store
 Nasco Math (Elementary)   Main Store
 Sax Arts from School Specialty, Inc.   Main Store


Contract Summaries

 Appliances   Main Store
 Art Equipment Main Store
 Art Tools and Supplies DMM Warehouse
 BSN Sports & US Games (PE supplies & equipment) Main Store
 Athletic - Baseball Main Store
 Athletic - Basketball Main Store
 Athletic - Cheerleader & Pom Pon Uniform Discounts   Main Store
 Athletic - Field Hockey   Main Store
 Athletic - Field Maintenance Vendors Main Store
 Athletic - Field White   DMM Warehouse
 Athletic - Football Main Store
 Athletic - Golf   Main Store
Athletic - Handball & Team Main Store
 Athletic - Lacrosse Main Store
 Athletic - Shirts, Middle School   Main Store
 Athletic - Softball Main Store
Athletic - Starter Pistols Main Store
 Athletic - Weight Training   Main Store
 Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies   Main Store
 Award Certificate   DMM Warehouse
 Batteries DMM Warehouse
 Bookbinding Main Store
 Calculators Main Store
 Carriers - MCPS Approved Carrier List See MyMCPS
 Ceiling Board and Grid System Materials DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Ceramic Supplies   DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Clocks DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Compass, Plastic  DMM Warehouse
 Copier Maintenance, Gestetner/Ricoh/Savin/Lanier Main Store
 Copier Supplies, Gestetner/Ricoh/Savin/Lanier Main Store
 Copier Maintenance and Supplies, Sharp Main Store
 Custodial Equipment Main Store
 Custodial Supplies   DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Diploma & Certificate Covers  Main Store
 Early Childhood Equipment & Supplies Main Store
Main Store
 Envelopes DMM Warehouse
Exercise Equipment Main Store
 Fax Machines, Toner and Maintenance Main Store
 Flags & Accessories DMM Warehouse
 Furniture - Classroom   Main Store
 Furniture - Office   Main Store
 Furniture - Science Lab (tables) Main Store
 Furniture - Vertical File Cabinets Main Store
 Healthroom Supplies   DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Ice Cube Machine   Main Store
 Ice Melt   DMM Warehouse
 Industrial & Technology Ed Lumber DMM Warehouse
Main Store
Industrial & Technology Ed Hand Tools (under revision) DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Lamps DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Lawn Equipment & Maintenance   Main Store
 Lift Inspection, Repair, and Lift Rentals Main Store
 Magazine Subscriptions/Newspapers (Other)   Main Store
 Magazine Subscriptions (Scholastic)   Main Store
 Magazine Subscriptions/Newspapers (W.T. Cox)   Main Store
 Materials Handling Equipment Main Store
 Mats Main Store
 Media Center & Laminating Supplies   DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 MUSIC - Musical Instruments and Equipment  Main Store
 MUSIC - Piano Tuning / Maintenance   Main Store
 MUSIC - Printed Music   Main Store
MUSIC - String Instrument Repair:  
     MUSIC - Guitar Center, Inc. (Music & Arts) Main Store
     MUSIC - Lashof Violins LLC Main Store
     MUSIC - Washington Music Sales Ctr., Inc. Main Store
MUSIC - Woodwind & Brass Instrument Repair:  
     MUSIC - Woodwind and Brass Instrument Repair Main Store
 Office & School Supplies  
DMM Warehouse
 Paper - Art and School DMM Warehouse
 Paper - Office DMM Warehouse
 PE Badminton & Volleyball (see also: PE Volleyballs)  Main Store
 PE Miscellaneous (Warehouse)   DMM Warehouse
 PE Supplies & Equip (BSN Sports & US Games)   Main Store
 PE Supplies & Equip (Gopher Sport)   Main Store
 PE Exercise Equipment, Accessories, Parts and Repair Main Store
 PE Volleyballs  
 PE Weight Training   Main Store
 PE Wrestling Equipment & Supplies   Main Store
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies Main Store
 Portable & Team Bleachers   Main Store
 Poster Printer & Supplies  - coming soon! Main Store
 Printers See Tech Products page
 Printing Supplies
(For EGPS/Print Shop Staff)
Student Photography Price List  See MyMCPS
 Satin Ribbons   DMM Warehouse
 Scanner Forms & Scanning Machine   Main Store
 Sewing Machine Repair & Supplies   DMM Warehouse
 Special Education Supplies & Software Main Store
 Tickets Admission   DMM Warehouse
 Two-Way Radios   DMM Warehouse
Main Store
 Uniforms (for staff) Main Store
 Whiteboards Tackboards and Accessories   DMM Warehouse
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