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Job Testing


Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Requirements for Beginning Teachers, Specialists and Administrators

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Paraeducators (not required w/ 48 credits from a regionally accredited college/university)

More information about PRAXIS

Supporting Services

Some supporting services positions require that the applicants successfully satisfy a test requirement. Please call 301-279-3291 or 301-279-3204 to schedule a test if required in the advertised vacancy.

Listed below are tests administered through the Office of Human Resources and Development:

  • Automotive Service Worker
  • Automotive Technician Apprentice
  • Automotive Technician I
  • Building Service Manager
  • Cafeteria Manager
  • Carpentry Knowledge
  • Electrical Knowledge
  • Electronic Knowledge
  • Financial Assistant
  • Food Service Satellite Manager
  • General Maintenance Worker II
  • Heating Mechanic I
  • Heating Mechanic II
  • Heating Service Worker
  • HVAC Knowledge
  • Media Service Technician
  • School Business Manager
  • Small Equipment Mechanic


Test Score Table for Support Services

Position Test Required Passing Score
Food Services Satellite Manager Yes 46
Building Service Manager Yes 35
Carpentry Knowledge Yes 50
Electrician Yes 50
Electronic Technician Test Yes 15
School Financial Assistant Yes 50
General Maintenance II             Yes 12
Heating Service Worker Yes 35
Heating Mechanic I Yes 50
Heating Mechanic II Yes 32
HVAC Yes 25
Auto Service Worker Yes 30
Auto Tech Apprentice Yes 30
Auto Technician I     Yes 30


These tests are designed to cover occasional, unusual situations when interpreting and translating needs to be done. These tests are strictly voluntary for all permanent SEIU members under the provisions of Article 7, Section G of the negotiated Agreement between SEIU Local 500 and the Board of Education of Montgomery County.

Please call Mrs. Franny Flook at 301-279-3291, or Mrs. Juana Ormeno at 301-279-3204, to schedule one or both of the following tests.

  • Spanish Interpreter Test
  • Spanish Translator Test

Helpful Hints When Translating

  • Remember that conventions for the use of uppercase letters is different in English and Spanish; often what is written with an uppercase letter in English is written with a lowercase letter in Spanish.
  • Make proper use of written accents
  • Make proper use of contractions
  • The convention in MCPS is not to translate directory information that is anything one might have to look up to contact someone or research something.
  • ALT Codes are special characters such as accents

For more helpful hints, please use the Helpful Hints When Translating Into Spanish document.

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