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Board of Directors

The MCPS Retirees Association (MCPSRA) Board of Directors is composed of the officers of the Association and the chairs of standing committees. The board meets regularly the first Thursday of each month or as called by the President. If you would like to contact any of the Board Members below, please use our Contact Form and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Title Name
President Dr. Debra S. Munk
Vice President Reginald J. Ott
Immediate Past President Dr. Carol M. Dahlberg
Recording Secretary Marla Caplon
Treasurer Dr. Stephen M. Raucher
Archives Marti Gray
Budget Development Dr. Stephen M. Raucher
Community Service Vacant
Consumer Education Deb Berner
Financial Review Bill Gregory
Hospitality/Luncheons LeeAnn Kaye
Co-Chair Trish Bendler
Insurance and Benefits J. Thomas Hickman
Legislative Fred S. Evans
Membership Marti Gray
Newsletter Editor Dr. Russell G. Wright
Nominating Dr. Carol M. Dahlberg
Parliamentarian Nickie Neary
Political Action Dr. Darlene Simmons
Public Relations Barbara Woodward
Recognition Joan Donovan
Scholarship (memorial scholarship) Bill Stief
Co-Chair (Louise S. Walker) Margaret Brown
Social Media (Facebook Page) Christina Sutter
Co-Chair (Website) Sandra Filippi
Trips Bernadette Rager