On-site Training for Groups

HIAT Onsite TrainingSchools and departments may request customized training to meet specific needs of the staff.

What type of training can HIAT provide to schools?

HIAT is committed to building the capacity of MCPS staff to use technology effectively in order to improve the performance of students.

A HIAT team member will consult with you on the needs of your group and the best way to accomplish long-term goals related to the principles of Universal Design for Learning and effective use of technology for improving the performance of students.

We can help you design a systematic approach to coach staff toward a specific goal.  This may include training, follow-up tasks and feedback, email support, and help determining if your outcomes are being reached.

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How many people do you need to commit to on-site training?

We'd like to know that the training will result in spreading new skills and knowledge to the school. Therefore, you should request training if you have a significant number of people interested in learning a topic. You might also have a smaller group of individuals who are committed to implementing a strategy within a department, grade-level, or the whole school.

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What is my responsibility?

We expect that you are requesting support to address a specific need of your school, team, or department. We will partner with you in order to identify the best approaches to meet that need. We can prepare and provide the training session. We will need you to:

  • schedule the time and space needed for the training
  • ensure that we have the computers and equipment needed to train
  • recruit the staff who should attend the training
  • communicate the overarching purpose of the training to the staff proior to the training

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What topics does HIAT present to staff?

The HIAT team provides expertise in the principles of Universal Design for Learning, assistive technology, and technology that supports students, especially struggling students, within the general education curriculum. Some common topics requested are:

  • Text reader software (Kurzweil, Natural Reader, Clicker 5, Write Online)
  • Technology tools to support writing (WordQ, Clicker 5, specific strategies using MS Word)
  • Applying UDL principles
  • Implementing Bookshare at your school
  • Obtaining accessible digital text to support the curriculum

We'll tailor the training to your school or department goals. Examples of goals are:

  • Decreased dependence on human reader for struggling readers through use of Kurzweil, Natural Reader and WordQ
  • Improved performance and output for struggling writers at all grade levels
  • Improved success with mainstreaming through UDL principles

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How do I request training at my school?

Complete this short Request for Support. 

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