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MCPS Teachers  
Logging in from Home
Using Read&Write for Google Chrome from Home
Key Tools for Basic Usage  
  Teacher Registration for the Premium Read&Write Toolbar
Download Google Read&Write (Video)
Problem Solving Read&Write Toolbar Quick Guide 


  Download the Read&Write toolbar
Any student in grades 1-12 with an IEP or 504 Plan has access to the premium version of Read&Write for Google and can download it to their Google account. All other students can download the free version and have access to text to speech, single word translation, and practice reading aloud.


Read&Write Quick Guides 

Text to speech in Google Docs (video)  free feature
Text to Speech in the Web using the Hover Speech Tool (video) free feature

Speech to Text Quick Guide 
Translation Features Quick Guide
  checkit A feature called CheckIt is a cross between a grammar and spell checker that is simple to use.
How to use CheckIt in Read&Write for Google

 wordprediction Word prediction is a commonly used feature of Read&Write for Google.
Using Word Prediction in Read&Write for Google (video)

Google Options Speech  Students can adjust the voice, speed, font size and number of words in the prediction window, and more in the Options Menu.


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