On this page is an overview of the process for getting started with Click on the MORE links for more detail at each step.

Getting started with Bookshare may seem overwhelming. It's true that there are a few things you need to understand, before you start, but using Bookshare is not hard. These steps will help you through the process

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  1. Understand what Bookshare is provides the full digital text of thousands of books to eligible students. Your school and you need an account with in order to gain access to these materials. [more]

  2. Get an account with

    Each school has an Organizational Membership. Each staff person at that school who uses Bookshare has his/her own login and password. Check with Linda Wilson to see if your school has an account before setting one up. [more]

  3. Add students and sponsors to the Bookshare account

    Once your school's account is set up, any staff member may add students to your school's list of Bookshare Members. Identifying students who qualify is a collaborative process with special educators, classroom teachers and paraeducators. [more]  

  4. Download books for students and use text reader software to read them

    Log into your account to search for and download books for students to read. Students will need text reader software in order for the computer to be able to read the book aloud. [more]

  5. Incorporate time for digital reading into your instructional day

    • Now that you have some books, you need to provide students with time and access to those books for reading. Learn some suggestions for incorporating text readers into the classroom. [more]
  6. Help students gain independent access to Bookshare

    Students who are eligible for Bookshare can read books on their personal devices, download books for themselves, and get free text reader software at home if they have an Individual Membership. [more]



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