Download Books for Students and Use Text Reader Software to Read them

Understanding the Bookshare format

If you have a login to Bookshare, you are a "sponsor" who can download books on behalf of students. You will need to choose the format that best fits the student's needs.


  • If the student is using Read&Write for Google, choose the ePub format.
  • If the student is using other assistive technology to access the book, you might prefer to use the Word format (if available) or download the DAISY file which you can use to convert to a variety of other formats.
  • The BRF file is for use with Braille readers.


Where to download the book


  • On a Chromebook: Only you will have access to the book that you downloaded. You should assign the book to the eligible students using Google Classroom or by sharing it directly with the student in Google Drive.
  • On a Computer: Because the book is copyrighted, you should not save the book to a public folder. Every MCPS school has a Copyrighted Text folder within the Students drive on the network. This folder is secure and you may save the Bookshare files there. Remember that only the students whose names were provided to the ITSS in step 3 will have access to the Copyrighted Text folder. You can also save a book to the student's "My Documents" folder because only that student will have access to it.



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