Understanding what Bookshare.org is

What is it?

Bookshare.org is a website repository that provides the full digital text of thousands of books to individuals with print disabilities.

What is a teacher's role?

Teachers of students who cannot read traditional print need to provide those students with alternative access to the reading material used in the classroom. Digital text or "e-text" is the same reading material in a format that can be displayed by a computer. There are a variety of technology tools that students can then use to have this text read aloud to them.

Where do teachers get digital text?

There are lots of sources of digital text, but when an entire book is required, then Bookshare.org is the best resource available. For younger students, the Accessible Book Collection provides the full digital text and images of books including picture books.

Bookshare.org is free to all US students who qualify. Teachers are authorized to have access to Bookshare's website in order to download books on behalf of students. In addition, all MCPS elementary schools have a subscription to Accessible Book Collection through 2015.

What does one do with a downloaded book?

When you download the book, you will have the full digital text of the printed version. In order to make use of it, most students will need text reader software that is capable of reading that book out loud. Some students will also benefit from other features of text reader software, such as the ability to search within the text, look up unfamiliar words, highlight important details, and extract annotations.


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