FAQ - Employee Expenses: Reimbursement


What is a remittance advice? 

A remittance advice is an electronic version of payment details.


What does a remittance advice look like? 

This is a sample of a remittance advice.


Are reimbursements issued through my paycheck?

No, reimbursements are not connected through payroll and are separate deposits.


Do I have to pay taxes on reimbursements? 

No, you do not have to pay taxes on reimbursements.


Into which account are reimbursements deposited? 

Funds are deposited into an employee's primary bank account set up through Human Resources Online (HRO). 


Can my reimbursement be deposited to a bank account other than my payroll bank account? 

No. Employee bank account information is downloaded into FMS from the Lawson Payroll System, which processes employee payroll. Lawson can split funds between multiple bank accounts, but FMS cannot. Accordingly, FMS is configured to pull from Lawson only information about an employee's primary bank account. An employee electing to change primary account information must do so through the payroll department so that the information can be downloaded into FMS.


When are reimbursements posted to my account? 

After Accounting has transmitted the funds to your bank for deposit, your bank may require up to 24 hours to actually post the funds to your account.


How do I determine the type of reimbursement being issued? 

The description in the Invoice Number field indicates the type of reimbursement that you are receiving.


Who should I contact if the funds have not been posted after 24 hours? 

Send an e-mail to accountspayable@mcpsmd.org. Accounting will track the reimbursement for you.


Who should I contact if I need to update my bank account information? 

You can update your bank account information in Human Resources Online (HRO).

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