FAQ - Procurement: Requisition Approval


Can more than one person be the final approver for all requisitions? 

There will always be only one final approver who is the principal/account owner. However, additional approvers can be added to a requisition so that more than just the principal/account owner can approve the requisition. Also, principal/account owners can share their approval authority with another person by granting that designee Worklist access. Worklist access will not transfer ownership of the account to the designee but instead will allow the designee to switch into the principal/account owner's Worklist (the place where requisition notifications are displayed) to access and act upon requisitions (approve, reject, reassign, etc.).


Can a requisition be forwarded to another person as either an FYI or for approval if that other person has not been trained? 

No, only people who have attended face-to-face training or have completed OnDemand training will have their accounts activated in FMS. Therefore, if a requisition was forwarded to a person that had not been trained, that person would not receive the requisition through e-mail, AND that person could not even be searched for in FMS.


Can the final approver delete or edit a line item in a requisition? 

No, approvers cannot edit any requisition lines. They should add a note and reject the requisition back to the requisitioner. The Edit button functionality has been removed, and users will get an error if they click the Edit button.


What is the difference between the Forward and Reassign action buttons shown on a requisition notification? 

The Forward action will just forward the requisition notification to another FMS user but will not provide that user with the ability to act upon (approve, reject, etc.) the requisition. The Reassign action will actually send the requisition notification to another FMS user for approval.


Is there a way to track a requisition after it has been approved and has moved on to the Procurement office? 

Yes, in iProcurement you can view the order number and payment information on the Requisition tab, under the column labeled Order.


In what order are requisitions requiring approval from more than one person sent to approvers? Are they always sent to the principal/account owner first or last, or is it possible during the checkout process to arrange the order in which a requisition will be sent to approvers? 

You can choose the order in which a requisition is sent to approvers by clicking the Change First Approver button displayed during the checkout process.

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