Mission Statement

The mission of the SPO training team is to provide training programs for building service team members on proper building and equipment maintenance; healthy and effective cleaning processes; workplace safety and compliance; as well as developing leadership skills to guarantee that all SPO employees are fully prepared to provide high quality building services that will support the success of every student.

Training Schedule

Career Path

Supply & Equipment Training Videos

Online Safety Training

Safety Training    (Username is your MCPS Outlook ID)

Other Training

 Microsoft 365 Training

Training Objectives

  • Orientation for new staff
  • Knowledge and understanding of the supporting services professional growth system
  • Understanding and compliance with federal, state and county regulations as they apply to the cleaning and upkeep of the schools.

 Additional Course Information

  • Basic Skills - Certifies employees in basic cleaning procedures in accordance to MCPS policies to ensure best practices. Must be taken before obtaining permanent status with MCPS.
  • Supervision and Leadership - provides current and potential supervisors with the tools needed to become better leaders and managers of the SPO team.
    • Location: English Manor, 4511 Bestor Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 20853.
  • Mechanical Skills Training provides building service team members with the skills for proper use and upkeep of building operational equipment.
    • Location: English Manor, 4511 Bestor Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 20853.
  • Stationary Engineer Licenses. Possession of a State of Maryland Stationary Engineers License is recommended for all personnel in charge of facilities (BSM, BSAM, PEO and ICB worker). To access the requirements: State Board of Stationary Engineers.
  • Applicants must meet certain qualifications to take each level of examinations: Exams
  • Registration: To register for any of the courses available from the SPO training team, log on to the MCPS Professional Development Online (PDO) website. If you need any help or have questions please contact the SPO training team at 240-740-4770 or

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