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water bottle filler As part of Montgomery County Public School's commitment to the practices of sustainability and equity, the MCPS Board of Education passed a resolution in July 2021 to install two filtered water bottle filling stations at each school to reduce dependency on single-use plastic bottles and to provide equitable access to resources. Water bottle filling stations offer a sanitary and environmentally friendly solution that promotes healthy drinking water habits. Because drinking water safety is at the forefront of community attention, the filtered water bottle filling stations proved an extra level of reassurance regarding the water quality through additional purification. The filters utilized in the bottle filling stations meet national standards for contaminant and impurity reduction. All units comply with NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 filter capability for lead.

This project is ongoing; updates will be posted daily or more frequently as available. The status for each location is shown in the table below. For more information about this project, call the Division of Design and Construction at 301-314-1000. 



Here's what the columns indicate:

Existing      School had water bottle filling stations prior to the project initiation
In Design Project has been authorized and drawings under development
In Progress On-site work has started or is scheduled to begin in the next week
Completed  Work to install stations under this project has been completed

Yes All filling stations have filters
In Progress      All new stations have filters, but some existing stations need to be retrofit with filters
Bottled Water This school has special circumstances; all drinking water provided via bottled water

Please note that some schools may have a status of "Completed" but be “In Progress” for Filters. In this situation, the school had one new station (with a filter) installed, but the existing station still needs to have a filter installed.

Click here for more information about MCPS' Drinking Water Testing Program.