Outdoor Play Space Pilot Projects

Many school sites, especially at the elementary school level, face site constraints and limitations due to school overutilization, the need to place relocatable classrooms on paved play and field areas, as well as site size and other conditions. Funds included in this project will allow MCPS to more fully integrate outdoor play areas into maintenance practices and create solutions when individual schools present challenges to a conventional approach. An amendment to the Board of Education's Requested FY 2018 Capital Budget and Amendments to the FY 2017-2022 Capital Improvements Program was approved to develop this pilot program to evaluate the outdoor program/play areas of MCPS schools, establish improved maintenance practices for these sites, and identify potential solutions to provide adequate and appropriate outdoor program/play areas, particularly at elementary schools with severely compromised sites. Also, the approved funds will address the outdoor program/play areas of four to six schools identified through the initial review of schools. It is anticipated that this pilot program will transform into a level of effort project to address this ongoing need. An FY 2019 appropriation was approved to continue this pilot program to address outdoor program/play areas for schools with site constraints and limitations due to school overutilization.
CIP and Capital Funding - Chapter 6

If you have questions concerning these projects, please contact:
Seth Feriano- Project Manager. 

Note that these are artistic presentation boards and actual field construction, colors, shapes and bid results may alter the final construction.