Seneca Valley High School

19401 Crystal Rock Drive
Germantown, Maryland 20874


Dustin Construction, Inc. (CM)


Moseley Architects

MCPS Construction Contact

Rob Badstibner

The purpose of this project is to revitalize/expand Seneca Valley High School. Based on the condition of the existing facility and the cost to bring the school into compliance with code requirements, the most cost effective solution is to construct a replacement facility adjacent to the existing school. The capacity of the school will increase from 1,374 students to 2,423 students with a core capacity for 2,400 students. The increased capacity to Seneca Valley High School provides the opportunity to address projected overutilization of nearby Clarksburg and Northwest high schools through student reassignments in the future. A School-based Wellness Center (SBWC) that was recently approved by the County Council in May 2014 will be designed as an add-alternate. Funding for the SBWC is included in the Department of Health and Human Services Capital Improvements Program.

  • A well-defined and welcoming main entrance with access control and supervision
  • Clear internal circulation with simple way finding
  • A comfortable, naturally lit, and energy efficient environment
  • After-hours community use of the gymnasiums, cafeteria, auditorium, and library media center that can be secured from the rest of the building
  • A building layout that is easy to supervise
  • Two courtyards that provide natural daylight into the building as well as outdoor instructional areas and seating areas
  • Safe separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on site.