Luxmanor Elementary School
Revitalization and Expansion

6201 Tilden Lane
Rockville, MD 20852


Hess Construction (CM)


Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.

MCPS Construction Contact

Rob Badstibner

The revitalization/expansion will accommodate the educational specification requirements for Luxmanor Elementary School. When completed, the modernized facility will have both student capacity and core spaces designed for 740 students.
The purpose of this project is to revitalize and expand the existing Luxmanor Elementary School to provide program spaces for grades pre-K through five that meet the requirements of the educational specifications. The building will be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will provide the required teaching spaces and support spaces for the school programs.

  • The new three-story classroom building increases the capacity of the school while decreasing the existing building footprint.
  • Clearly separated bus and student drop off loops are accommodated on site with more parking and queueing space.
  • The exterior elevations coordinated to complement the 2008 addition.
  • Natural daylighting maximized for student and staff occupied spaces.
  • Clear interior circulation enhances passive security and ease of supervision of corridors.
  • Major assembly spaces, i.e. gymnasium and multi-purpose room, are organized in a part of building away from classroom wing and secured for community use during non-school hours.
  • The main entrance is clearly identifiable and inviting.
  • The administration is located adjacent to main entrance and has clear visibility of bus and student drop off loops for supervision.
  • The existing mature trees and forest are preserved.