Notice to Contractors

May 29, 2019
Notice to Contractors - Montgomery Blair High School Interior Alterations for Science and Computer Lab Conversions
Bids received until 2:00pm local time

May 28, 2019
Notice to Contractors - Greencastle Elementary School Classroom Modifications - Classroom, K1 and Music Room
Bids received until 2:00pm local time

May 21, 2019
Notice to Contractors - Hallie Wells Middle School Room Modifications Rooms 202 and 208
Bids received until 2:00pm local time

May 17, 2019
Notice to Contractors - Quince Orchard High School Science Lab Renovation
Quince Orchard Addendum 1
Notice to Contractors - Galway, Glenallan, Rosemary Hills, and Weller Road Elementary Schools Computer Lab Renovations
Bids received until 2:00pm local time

Public Outreach

We are piloting a Google Group for our public outreach initiative. Please join us.


Contractor Criminal Background Checks

Effective July 1, 2015, new criminal background check requirements go into effect.
Letter from the Chief Operating Officer  pdf
Division of Procurement's website

Technical Offers

Technical Offers are being accepted throughout the year from firms interested in working for Montgomery County Public Schools. Contractors must submit the information detailed in the applicable document below to the Division of Construction Fiscal Team.
Firms must submit their technical offer for consideration a minimum of 30 days prior to bid date.

Technical Offer - Notice to General Contractors for All Major Construction Projects  pdf*Updated

 Technical Offer - On-Call Construction Services - General Contractors and Mechanical Contractors  pdf  

Roofing Contractor’s Pre-Qualification Questionnaire  pdf

Contractors Working Picture