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Prescription Drug Plans for Employees

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CVS/Caremark Prescription Drug

If you enroll in a Cigna medical plan, or if you decline medical coverage, you are eligible to enroll in the CVS/Caremark prescription drug plan. The CVS/Caremark prescription plan provides benefits for short-term medications to be filled at participating retail pharmacies. You have the choice of filling your long-term medications at any CVS pharmacy or receiving your maintenance medication through the CVS/Caremark Mail Order Pharmacy.


Preferred Drug List

Contact CVS/Caremark

Web: CVS/Caremark
Tel: 800-378-7558

Kaiser Permanente Prescription Drug

If you are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente HMO and elect to receive prescription drug coverage, you will receive your coverage through Kaiser. The Kaiser plan pays for prescriptions you fill at either Kaiser Medical Center pharmacies, participating network pharmacies, or through Kaiser mail order pharmacy.

Contact Kaiser Permanente

Web: Kaiser Permanente
Tel: 800-777-7902