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Success Stories

Our Most Creative Technician

Elvi Lorenzanais is not only our most creative tech, he's also a creator and an inventor.
Read his story here.


Customer Service at its Best

This team always goes the extra mile with customer service.
Read the story here.


Print Shop Apprenticeships Prep Students for Life

The Print Shop Apprenticeship Program is developing the next generation of leaders.
Read the story here.


Print Shop Introduces New Mailing Service for Schools

The MCPS Print Shop has been fulfilling an increasing demand to print addresses and postage on postcards, agenda books, and instructional materials and mail them to each student at their home address. “... and the demand is increasing.”
Read the story here.


TeamWorks: Going Green with School Copiers

Editorial, Graphics & Publishing Services (EGPS) contributes to the MCPS effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment with TeamWorks, the school district’s copier service.
Read the story here.


MCPS Print Shop Maximizes Use of Resources with Eco-Notepads

It all started when a Copy-Plus customer ordered way too many copies of a job by mistake last September...
Read the story here.


Evolution of the High School Diploma

EGPS has produced diplomas for 10 years now, and has streamlined the process and the product.
Read the story here.



Why Choose EGPS?
The successful collaboration between our Customer Service reps and school staff validates our goal of providing schools with the services they need to support our students' educational success.

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