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House Bill 486 (HB486)

What is House Bill 486?

Maryland House Bill 486 (HB486) is a legislative bill that went into effect July 1, 2019, and was updated July 1, 2021 (HB373). This law requires all Maryland school systems to add an additional component to the applicant screening and hiring process to help ensure the safety of our students.  

Within 60 days of being hired, a new employee must provide Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) with information about any prior investigations of child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct, as well as contact information for all former employers within the previous ten years. Using the contact information provided by the new employee, MCPS will send a request to each former employer asking them to provide specific information related to child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.   

How can I get more information about HB486?

Updated HB486 (HB373) document: Click here to review

Guidance from the Maryland State Department of Education: Click here to review  

If you worked for MCPS and are now an applicant for a new position in any Maryland school system (including MCPS), direct the HB486 outreach to:

MCPS Department of Compliance and Investigations

45 W. Gude Drive, Suite 2100

Rockville, MD 20850



How does MCPS get the prior employer contact information?

MCPS uses the employer contact information (employer name, supervisor name, and employer email) included in the work history section of the online application for initial contact to each employer. If this outreach is unsuccessful, the new employee will be contacted with a request to provide additional or alternate contact information.

Most Maryland public school systems have a designated contact and email address that is used specifically for the HB486. To see the list of Maryland public school HB486 contacts, click this link.

Contact the MCPS HB486 Team:

Phone:             240-740-6244



HB486Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)