Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budget

Read the Final Summary and Highlights in the Approved FY 2018 Operating Budget

FY 2018 Operating Budget–Summary of Changes

Final FY 2018 Operating Budget Summary and Highlights Document (July 11, 2017) pdf

Read a Summary of Changes and Highlights in the Approved FY 2018 Operating Budget

FY 2018 Operating Budget–Summary of Changes

FY 2018 Operating Budget Summary of Changes pdf

FY 2018 Operating Budget by Budget Chapter, FTE and Object of Expenditure

Accelerators by Strategic Priority

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Board of Education Votes on Final Adoption of Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budget (6/13/2017)

The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved a final $2.52 billion Operating Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 on June 13. The budget provides nearly $60 million in additional funding that will allow the district to manage significant enrollment growth, account for the rising cost of operations and implement new strategies that will ensure all students are able to achieve at higher levels.

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Board of Education Adopted Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (2/14/2017)

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Read the Press Release: Board of Education Adopts Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budget

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Board of Education Adopted 
FY 2018 Operating Budget (2/14/2017)

FY 2017 Budget 2.46 Billion
FY 2018 Budget   2.52 Billion  
Variance 64.24 Million
Percent of Increase 2.6%
FY 2018 Changes/Realignments
Total Changes/Realignments (20,504,698)
FY 2018 Changes (in Millions)
Enrollment/Growth 15.46
New School/New Grade 5.24
Employee Benefits & Insurance 9.67
Strategic Accelerators 11.01
Inflation/Other 4.40
Continuing Salary 38.36
Changes/Realignments (20.50)
Non-recurring Costs (1.45)
Grants/Enterprise/Other Changes 2.05
Total Budget Increase   64.24 Million  

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Strategic Priorities

Improve Teaching and Learning $3.61 Million
  • Increase opportunities for students to participate in rigorous coursework, programs, and co-curricular activities including in the STEM areas
  • Expand achievement-focused extracurricular programs to all middle schools to increase outcomes and opportunities for students
  • Expand home-school model special education programs
  • Ensure effective mathematics instruction through robust materials, focused support, and approaches to scheduling
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Focus on Learning, Accountability, and Results $2.68 Million
  • Improve understanding of data through implementation of comprehensive data systems
  • Provide assessment opportunities for students who want to take the SAT, ACT, or career certification assessments
  • Implement climate surveys for staff and students
  • Implement systems that result in comprehensive and systemic college/career planning efforts
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Focus on Human Capital $1.27 Million
  • Implement required professional learning for teachers and paraeducators to include cultural competence, implicit bias, and restorative practice
  • Provide focused training for teachers on effective practices and content knowledge
  • Develop comprehensive pathway programs for supporting services staff who want to become teachers
  • Expand equity and excellence hiring efforts
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Focus on Community Partnerships and Engagement $1.25 Million
  • Develop and communicate resources and materials to provide parents and partners with information on available opportunities and improving outcomes for students
  • Build pipelines from elementary schools to improve engagement and opportunities in arts, sciences, and mathematics programs
  • Expand partnership with Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove to increase number of schools in the ACES program
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Focus on Operational Excellence $2.20 Million
  • Create efficiencies and ensure effective operations through updating and enhancing business systems
  • Enhance air quality, maintenance support, and prevention programs
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Superintendent Smith Presents Recommended Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (12/13/2016)

Superintendent's FY 2018 Recommended Operating Budget and Personnel Complementpdf

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