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Ready to Read Act

Montgomery County Public Schools is responding to the Ready to Read Act by providing universal screening, high quality instruction and instructional materials for foundational skills to all students in K-3. Schools will respond to students demonstrating risk with additional Tier 2 or Tier 3 instruction as appropriate and communicate with families accordingly.

Universal Screener

Montgomery County Public Schools will screen all students in K-3 with a high quality screening tool to identify students at risk for reading difficulties three times each school year.  The purpose of the screener is to identify students who are at risk early and intervene with additional instruction.

MCPS uses DIBELS 8th Edition for grades K-2 and MAP Growth and DIBELS 8th Edition for grade 3 to screen for early literacy skills.

Information from the screener is used to identify students that would benefit from additional reading support based on academic needs.

Families will receive a report after each administration with information regarding their child’s screen results.

Parent Resources