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Short Term Illness or Injury

What if your child can't participate in physical education classes due to short term illness or injury?

The Physical Education Physician Contact Form is required for students who will miss more than five days of physical education class due to illness or injury.  Failure to return the form can result in failure of the course and/or loss of the physical education credit.

How to submit the physician contact form

  1. Fill out the Part I of the Physician Contact Form, MCPS form 345-22 (PDF)
  2. Give the form and the Physician Cover Letter (PDF) to your child's physician to fill out Parts II and III
  3. Give the form to your child's principal to sign
  4. Keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your child's school
  5. Submit completed, original form to:

          Cara Grant
          Supervisor, Health and Physical Education
          Montgomery County Public Schools
          850 Hungerford Drive, Suite 253
          Rockville, Maryland  20850