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High School Graduation Requirements

1 credit in Physical Education

Physical Education: High School

What's New in HS Physical Education?

High School physical education aligns with the Maryland State Department of Education (2022) curriculum framework for physical education. The focus of high school physical education is to prepare students for career readiness through personal fitness analysis and planning. 

Students will engage in curriculum that focuses on three main themes - movement skills and concepts (MSC), health enhancing fitness and physical activity (HEFPA), and personal and social responsibility (PSR). Students have the opportunity to self-select courses that align to their interests and focus on movement that is meaningful to them while they complete personal fitness analysis. 

**Please be aware that the State of Maryland does not allow for substitution of physical education credit for any reason. Students should choose courses that they are most comfortable completing while in their high school career. It is recommended that students pair one-semester of physical education with one-semester of health education to assist with balancing their schedules. 

High School Physical Education Standards for a Physically Literate Student

MCPS High School Physical Education Scope and Sequence - MCPS HS Scope and Sequence and Assessment (2022)


A list of current offerings within our high schools can be found linked here. Each school uses student voice data to determine which courses are offered each school year. Should a student like to recommend a source not listed please see the resource teacher for physical education within the student's school.


If your student has an injury or illness that may limit their physical participation in physical education please contact their physical education teacher. Read more about what to to when your student has a short term illness (linked here). 

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