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Adapted Physical Education

What is Adapted Physical Education?

The physical education program designed for individuals with disabilities is called adapted physical education as it is in Title 34 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.).  The program is adapted to meet the needs of each student through modifications and accommodations.  The student is not required to adapt to the conditions of the program as would be implied with adaptive physical education as in adaptive behaviors.

Adapted Physical Education is a service not a setting.  It is important to distinguish that students with disabilities that need APE services receive this service in order to benefit from quality instruction in physical education in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

It is also important to note that many students receiving special education services do not require or need Adapted Physical Education services.  These students should participate in the required curriculum when appropriate.  These students may not need physical education goals and objectives listed on their Individual Education Program (IEP).

What Can You Do As A Parent?

  • Determine if your child’s IEP provides for appropriate physical education services.
  • Discuss with the physical education teacher your interests related to your child’s physical fitness, motor skill development, and leisure and recreational sports skills.
  • Ask for a meeting with the school’s IEP team if you feel that your child is not making adequate progress or needs additional services.

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Short term illness or injury

What to do if your child can't participate in physical education classes due to short term illness or injury