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Algebra II | Unit 1 2 3 4 5 6

Topic 1: Conditional Probability and the Rules of Probability 

Determine the elements of a sample space and use it to determine the probability of an event. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 1

Calculate probabilities of events using two-way tables. (no flexbook for SLT 2) 

Define and determine conditional probabilities using two-way tables. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 3

Determine whether two or more events are independent. (no flexbook for SLT 4) 

Represent events and add and subtract probabilities using Venn and tree diagrams. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 5

Develop and apply the rule for conditional probability and the Multiplication Rule for independent events. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 6

Develop and apply the Addition Rule for compound events. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 7

Develop and apply the General Multiplication Rule. (cK–12 Flexbook Unit 5 Topic 1 SLT 8H

This document outlines concepts in each Topic for the Unit. When corresponding resources are available in, a hyperlink is provided for the Flexbook. The Flexbooks provide a variety of examples, definitions, and extra practice problems related to some of the concepts in Curriculum 2.0 Two-year Algebra 2, Algebra 2, and Honors Algebra 2. The concepts will be developed in greater depth and with appropriate vocabulary in the classroom. The materials in the Flexbooks are intended to provide additional support to the classroom expectations. The vocabulary and methods in these examples may differ slightly from the classroom expectation; however, the overall intent is consistent with the content expectation.

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