High School Strategic Plan for Program Options

The MCPS Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs (OCIP) has developed a long-range strategic plan for high school programming in response to the findings and recommendations of the 2016 Metis Report and the external review of career readiness conducted by Education Strategy Group (ESG) in 2017.

The plan will be implemented in phases over the next six years, beginning with marketing in summer and fall 2019 for Phase One programs available to Grade 9 students in fall 2020.

The planning team collaborated with school-based administrators and staff on design and logistics; and members of the team worked with the offices of School Support and Improvement, the Chief Operating Officer, the General Counsel, and the Department of Communications.

The planning team examined data on student performance and demand for programs, state and district priorities, and changing industry demands.

The planning team invited multiple perspectives on program options, considering input and feedback from over 600 stakeholders in 34 stakeholder engagement sessions that included students, parents/guardians, school and central services staff and administrators, community members, and business/higher education representatives.

The team will make decisions about later phases based on student demand and performance, state and district priorities, changes in industry and higher education, available resources, and stakeholder feedback.

May 30 Board Presentation

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