Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 2

Safety and Injury Prevention


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 5:  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply prevention and intervention knowledge, skills, and processes to promote safe living in the home, school, and community.

Performance Indicators

A. Emergencies 
 5.2.A.1.  Demonstrate the ability to respond appropriately to emergency situations.   


Model how to respond to an emergency in different situations. 
B. Safety Rules and Procedures 
 5.2.B.1.  Identify ways to stay safe outdoors.   


Discuss strategies to stay safe on a bike or skates by following traffic signs and wearing a helmet. 


Demonstrate the ability to play safely on playground equipment.  


Demonstrate the ability to stay safe around water.  


Plan how to stay safe in the sun.  
D. Abuse and Assault 
 5.2.D.1.  Identify actions to stay safe from strangers. 


Describe procedures to follow when approached by a stranger in a variety of situations.
 5.2.D.2.  Describe actions to stay safe around familiar people. 


Discuss how familiar people can hurt or make children feel uncomfortable.


Demonstrate how to access help from police, teacher, nurse, guidance counselor, and parent.