Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 2

Personal and Consumer Health


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 3:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use consumer knowledge, skills, and strategies to develop sound personal health practices involving the use of health care products, services, and community resources.

Performance Indicators

A. Personal Health Maintenance 
 3.2.A.1.  Explain how to improve or maintain personal health.  


Describe behaviors to care for the health of eyes and ears.


Describe behaviors to promote overall body health, such as visiting the doctor, exercising, adequate nutrition, practicing hygiene, and avoiding hazards.
B. Information, Products, and Services 
 3.2.B.1.  Identify health services available in the community  


List community resources that provide health care.  


List reasons people might go to a hospital or clinic.


Describe health services available to you in a hospital or clinic.
C. Pollution and Personal Health Issues 
 3.2.C.1.  Identify health issues created by pollution. 


Identify types of pollution such as air, water, and waste.


List how the types of pollution affect your body and your health.